Earn Money Online without Investment(Money Earning App)

    Friends, everyone will enjoy today's offer and basically I am going to tell you about three offers which are the second and third offer of the last one, you will definitely enjoy it, no, I don't believe what is the reason behind that to earn money there. The method is very simple and it does not mean that you have to refer 10 places. You can earn here even without referral. You can earn easily from both the last applications and also from the first application. And if you want to recharge your mobile, then you can do that also free of cost, then immediately like the video for today's great offer and for today's top three offers and if it is the latest, then you will enjoy, then the links will also be found in the description. Try it and if you want information about the latest apps, then you can also visit the website sg.com, there also many applications are uploaded daily, whatever new ones come, so let's start today's video. If you are coming for the first time then it will be very good for you to subscribe. For the new offers, here I am starting the recording. Take the first one from our offer. Although I told you that you must not miss the second and third offers. No, this is my favorite too, okay, what is there in the first offer, basically it is an application where you do any recharge, bill payment etc. which includes mobile recharge, DTS, landline, electricity, gas, water and other payments in which you are getting guaranteed cashback. There is cashback, it will be added to your wallet, like I have 295 above. Now you say sir, how much cashback is there, how can we judge? If you come down to a simple method for that, you will see this commission chart. Mention in this commission chart. How much percentage will you get here like if it is on jio3 then you will get ₹ 1 here and remember here like we have Google2 which is an amazing application, let's try the second application whose name is tal pra is. You will earn money from the application without any special referral. Let me tell you the first offer. First of all, what you have to do is to sign up for this application. After signing up, you have to go to your profile session and complete your pro profile here. You have to complete KYC, do not do it, don't do it, your meaning is based on interest, there is no compulsion, there is no formality, after that you will go to the bank details, then here you have to add your bank details, after the bank details, here. An offer is visible below, as soon as you tap on the option of this offer, here I will show you that here the offer keeps going on, you will get one thing, it will not be called random on random days, it can be said on odd days. As you can see above, this is your Friday, today I am shooting a video, this is today's offer on Friday, so whenever you open it on Friday, you have a chance to earn up to ₹ 1000000 by tapping here, you get 10 spins here. Let's go, you can spin them unlimitedly, that is, you will have as many opportunities as you can till 10, whatever you earn, let's try again here, so I will do it one more time, no problem, let's see how many times the try gun comes. So you will definitely get something, Wow, I have earned here, I will scratch it in front of you and three activity points, I have got what I have here, so again I will pay here once more, whatever will be earned here, then This is for you that you can do 10 spins here every Friday. Now you get 100 and again get a scratch card. So okay, then we will scratch the scratch card also and I will tell you where to get the scratch card. I will show you, try again, come again, I will do it. By doing this, you get 10 scratch cards here, which you can take advantage of. Again, one more scratch card has been found here. Now let's go back, here you will go to the reward option. Here you will have a scratch card in front of you, it is written 'Create a quota and win up to 100 activity valid 22.' There is an offer where you get quizzes on three days like Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. In that quiz, you will be told the questions. If you give the correct answer, then you can see here the list of winners. And here you get cash which is direct. Whatever cash you get here, you will get scratch card here or get it directly, it will remain in your wallet. Basically, what does the application work? There are different types of insurance and services on this application. In today's date, everyone needs it. If you complete the verification on this application, then you will go to the sale option. Here you get all the insurances, whether it is bike insurance, car insurance, commercial insurance, health insurance, personal insurance, life insurance. You have to tap on it, you will get the details, you will get to know about the companies also here, if they do not have their own insurance, then insurance of more than 50 companies provided in India are available on these, you can see this, you can choose any of these plans. If you are feeling ok then you can go and check it, you will get to know about all the services, you can see how much money you will get, how much you have to pay, what are the returns, if you want to sell it to someone then download it here. ​.

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