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    I recently made over $200 that I just received to my Pioneer account for simply watching YouTube videos and in this video I'm going to show you how to take advantage of this new strategy and make about $2 for every single YouTube video that you watch if you watch two videos you are going to earn $4 if you watch 10 videos you're going to make $20 over and over again so get your computer ready or your smartphone and let's get started now as you can see here this you yoube video is only about 1 minute long and every time you watch a video like this you are going to earn about $2 the best thing about this method is that it's available worldwide so it doesn't matter where you live by the way comment below what country you're from so I can keep making more videos that work in your area now the first thing you will need to do is come over to this website right here that we're going to be using to make money online by watching YouTube videos as you can see here you're going to earn money from this website by taking surveys by playing games online watching videos and more but our Focus for this video is going to be watching videos because that's where you can make the most money in a short amount of time this website is 100% free you don't need any investment to get started with this and the good thing is that you can also earn a free $1 bonus just for signing up now I will reveal the name of this site in a minute but let me first show you how to create an account and I will then teach you what video videos to watch to earn the most money the sign up process is very simple and it will take less than a minute to complete just type here your first name and your email address and then choose a username and choose a password here and here just click on this Arrow to select your country like I said before you can see that they accept every country in the world just select your country from here once you do that just check this box where it says I have read and agree after you read their privacy policy and membership ship agreements and then click on sign up right here by the way you can also choose if you want to get paid via PayPal or Bitcoin paneer and E gift cards like Amazon gift cards for example and Google Play gift cards etc etc but if you ask me I would recommend you withdraw your earnings using payeer as there is zero fees for payeer that is what I use myself too this website offers a lot of opportunities for you to earn money online and the best part is that they offer very high pay out rates as you can see you can earn between 65% to 85% unlike other similar websites that only offer you about 40% to 50% so once done signing up they will take you to this page right here as you can see you will earn $1 for every 100 coins that you accumulate and once you reach $7 which is the minimum to withdraw you can then request a payout to your payal account or another payment method of your choice so to continue just just click on The Orange Box that says click to continue once you click on that and verify your email you can then log in by typing here your username and your password and it's going to take you to a page that looked like this now before I show you how to start making money by watching YouTube videos make sure you also hit that like button and subscribe to my YouTube channel make sure you also watch the video till the end because I will give you later a bonus trick that I used myself to generate this amount of money in very short amount of time now if you scroll down a little bit down here you can see that they are working with so many companies that you can use to make money online and these are some of the best companies in the world they are all legitimate companies but like I said earlier in the video we will be focusing on watching videos that's where you can make the most money very quickly so to start earning by watching YouTube videos just click on videos right here and it's going to take you to this page and by the way I want want you guys to go and apply this as soon as you watch the video and make the most money before so many other people get into it and make it saturated so now as you can see here for every 200 points you earn you will receive a silver token which will add $1 to $3 to your account's balance so in top of the points you have already earned you will also get another free $1 to $3 and what I like about this is that you can choose to watch any types of videos that you like you can watch music videos for example you can watch celebrity videos and gaming videos adventure videos and the list goes on and on all you have to do is just click on one of these buttons down here and it's going to then take you to the YouTube video that you can watch and get paid for you can see that this video is only about 1 minute long and the good thing is that you can earn about $2 just for watching a YouTube video like this which is awesome the website is gg2 you can just go to this link or type in gg2 you on search bar and click on the first link there but don't leave the video yet I will still reveal the trick that I use myself to earn even 10 times more money than others so now each one of these videos can make you approximately $2 over and over again and as you can see there's no limit on how many videos you can watch per day if you can watch let's say for example 20 videos per day that will earn you about $40 if you can watch 50 videos per day that will earn you about $100 and so on and so forth so remember that the more time you spend on the website watching videos the more money you will be making just click start earning and it will take you to a video that you can watch and get paid for it by the way it doesn't have to always be YouTube they are also working with so many other companies and this company here for example is called pixelpoint dotv the process is also the same here but for some platforms they might ask you to create an account first before you can start start watching their videos now here is the special trick for you that you can use to earn even 10 times more money than other people on the platform what you can do is open multiple videos from different categories and multiple tabs in the same time watch all the available videos from food videos viral videos gaming videos and so on just open each video on a new tab and then you can start watching the videos from all the different categories at the same time you can also do this in multiple devices if you have more phones or laptops this is the trick to earn the most money in a short amount of time because you don't need to actually watch the videos you can just let them run in the background and go do anything else that you want to and you will be already making money with this trick you can also lower the quality from here to not consume much of your internet data just select the 360p also don't forget to turn off any ad blocker that you may have installed in your browser the website also has over 1,000 reviews on trust pilot and most of them are positive reviews as you can see this would be a great way to actually make a couple dollars every day as you're watching your favorite videos the amount of money you earn will also depend on what country you from but I don't think this is a job that's going to pay your bills maybe it'll pay your phone bill each month depends on what your bills are like but either way it is a way to make a bit of extra cash if you want to make some serious money on the site you're going to need to spend many hours every single day on the the website and you will need to not rely on watching videos alone you also going to need to try all of their other methods of making money so that wraps it up that is exactly how you get paid to watch YouTube videos for absolutely free don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already also give the video a like if you like it don't forget to let me know what you think about the video and watch this video next for a new method to make money [Music] online

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