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    there is actually a step-by-step process to make $250 per hour with Google Drive and I've actually done most of the work for you and you can kind of just copy and paste that for completely free and I've actually spent money on this you can get it for completely free so just by clicking on this video you kind of got something that was paid but you're getting it for free and you're also going to learn how to make money and all you got to do is watch this video Until the End and not click off so first things first you want to open up Google Drive so if you go to you can create an account at Google Drive where you can upload files you can share files and you can view the files that you've uploaded and you actually get about 2 GB for like free I believe they might actually increase to 15 GB that you can get like free files to upload here even though you may not need that much now if you go to Etsy which is like a platform where people come to sell different products usually handmade items now people are also selling digital products as well and if you search for course on Etsy you can find a bunch of people selling Etsy and digital products and video courses on Etsy now no no no no don't worry you don't have to record anything you don't actually have to do anything because I've actually done all of the work for you and I genuinely mean that now you see just this single person from Etsy is doing about $2 million a year selling these kinds of digital products and actually does about $41,000 every single month which is about $5,000 every single day so over $11,000 every single day and over $250 $50 per hour or work selling these kinds of digital products on Etsy and it's pretty easy to do it and you can do it from anywhere in the world and we will actually be covering multiple platforms but as I said you don't necessarily have to create any digital products yourself because you're watching the Dave Nick daily Channel and you know that I care about you and I've actually spent money on this it's not that I'm just telling you what to do I literally spent money so I went to the Etsy I spent about $1,000 on different digital products that I bought for you and you can access that you can open up these Google Drive folders that have a bunch of different digital products that you can just download so here's like a Cana course this is like a digital product that you can sell so I bought it it has plr rights private label rights so you can resell it there's like chat GPT things as well digital marketing guides personal development guides we also have Mr products here so there's like thousands of different digital assets that you can sell you can sell Vector icons video editing effects Shopify teams t-shirt designs resume templates like these are the things that you can genuinely just share and sell on Etsy for whatever price you want so you can set your own prices and you can open up this Google drive folder with thousands of illustrations you just press the download button and then you can upload it to your own Google drive folder so you open up your Google Drive click new click file upload and just upload the ones that you've downloaded for my Google Drive folders here's also this one like done for you print demand products literally over a million mega pack over a million designs here so just click here to access that opens up a Google drive folder where you can download a million designs for free and you have the right to actually resell them I know it's crazy but I've spent over $1,000 on this and it's completely free so I'm going to link it in the description it's literally just going to be Google Drive links I'm not even going to ask for your email or whatever like it's literally free so what I want you to do is once you download these different digital products that I bought for you we even have this like Niche guide that you can also download as a PDF so you download as a PDF you go back to your account and then you just drag and drop like this you basically just drag and drop it or just click on file upload and once you have that uploaded you can sell a link to your own guy to your own digital product and you can then go to Etsy one of the platforms I'm going to show you five different ones that you can maximize your chances with and you can maximize your results and make as much money as possible because again just on Etsy this person is making about $41,000 a month if it works for her and works for thousands of people then it can potentially work for us as well so you can sell on Etsy you can go to Etsy nothing is guaranteed again but it works for them so hopefully it can work for us as well you go to the shop manager or you click here and then you can just start selling so you can create your own store and you can start selling here from any country around the world Unfortunately they have limited options when it comes to the payout so sometimes you can't really withdraw your money to your bank account directly you will have to go through PayPal but you will have to check that's like individually for each country it's a little bit different so you will have to check for your own country as well that's one of the platforms where you can sell and this is where this person is doing about $1,000 a day but besides Etsy you can also go to you can sign up for completely free you can go to the dashboard of you can click on products on the left side you can click on new product and then you can just start naming your products you can list it out whatever of these products that you've got from these different ones that I bought for you and I'm giving it to you for free uh even if you select for example canva course I created like a gumroad listing that you can copy and paste so you can copy the name you can paste the name here select digital products set your own price let's say I want to sell it for five bucks click customize and then we have the description section for the description you'll basically just copy this entire thing that I wrote for you and you go back to gumroad you paste that here you scroll a little bit down you can create the actual thumbnail and the cover design and once you're done just click save and continue and here this is the most important part you just want to upload the PDF file so this is the Cana course you can download a Cana course which is like the digital product that you are selling that you're making money from and then once it loads once we have it we go back to gumroad and we just drag and drop so now when someone buys this product from gumroad you instantly deliver it so you don't have to do any work you just uploaded it once it needs to load to 100% And you publish and continue and you can upload as many digital products as you want just bear in mind that you're not going to get as much traffic as you would from Etsy Etsy really gives you like a lot of free traffic and you can get sales just from optimizing your listings properly but but on gumroad it takes a little bit more time to start making money because it's like more simple and there's not that many people using it but it's still possible I've been making money with gumroad and it was effective it was just not too much money like it was not a lot but if you can list out we literally have like a million different digital products that I'm giving to you for free so you can get like a million listings to maximize your results and then you can drive traffic to your listings you can copy the link and you can drive traffic through Instagram Facebook Tik Tok Pinterest blog Post article whatever that might be that's the second platform another platform where I personally like to sell digital products is going to be teachable this is where I've done about $36,000 this month which is over $1,000 a day selling digital products so you can go to and you can start listing your own products especially if those are going to be either digital downloads or courses if you want to sell only digital downloads from the Google drive folder you basically just click and create digital download you give the product name and again you can basically just copy and paste the same thing that we have here for the gumroad listing so you take the name of the gumroad listing you go here you paste it here then you have a description which is going to be this thing over here so describes exactly what the product is about and what this downloadable is going to be about if it's too long okay we'll just reduce the amount of characters we'll select the category this is going to be a digital product workshe or workbook and then click continue and then you you can just upload an image if you don't have one just continue without it it's going to be a one-time purchase then you can set the price let's say I want to sell it for $9 here again I will just enter the name this is going to be a canva course I can write a brief description and for a detail description that's where I'm going to paste this thing so now I can fill a full description and click continue and this is how it's going to look like and I'm going to publish it on teachable and I can start selling here as well now because inside of this Google drive folder we also have done for you print on the designs those are like designs that you can put on T-shirts and mugs and pillows and you can sell you can also go to some print to demand platform there's a lot of them there's like there's there's you can just sign up for completely free and as you do so you can kind of create your own store click on add products and then you can just start uploading these designs and you can start selling T-shirts and mugs and you can start building your own store with a bunch of different products in apparel and you can start selling like preand products across different platforms and it's all happening in these Google Drive folders that I'm going to list in the description that I've actually done most of the work for you you just have to download and re-upload and sell and again I've spent money on this but you can get it for completely free this person is doing over $1,000 they thousands of people are making thousands of dollars a day on Etsy I myself use teachable as a platform to make over $36,000 this month so far even though it's not even like half of the month so we're probably going to do a lot more this month so we're doing over $1,000 a day sometimes $25,000 it's early morning now so I only did1 but $36,000 this month and we're probably going to end up with like 60 to $70,000 this month just from the teachable platform that's literally just from selling digital products and in those Google Drive folders you even have like video courses that you can sell in case those are the kinds of digital products that you want to resell and make money from so if you found that helpful just make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you next time do things happen when you stay until the end of my videos you either get something for free or you see me Shir this or you just see what we are doing after the studio and after we finish actually recording those videos and right now I'm in Kenya we're in Africa we're on a safari it's pretty beautiful and we're exploring currently we just saw some zebras saw some giraffes and right now let me actually show you what it's how it looks like around so here's what you get we're staying until the end currently we don't have anything for free in the description like usual but let's you get to see a little bit of nature anyways I will see you in some of the next ones

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