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    okay for this one you actually have to be quick if you want to get paid $2 every 30 seconds again and again and you want to do it for completely free now this is for you if you want to do it from anywhere in the world like I'm right now in Bali you want to make money for free and without investing thousands of dollars without any previous experience and without selling anything but this is not for you if you're too lazy and you can't even watch this video Until the End you're already skipping around and you want to click on something else or you're going to the comments and you're not even watching if you're not going to do the hard work this is not going to work for you and if you think that this will make you a millionaire then you can just skip this video so first things first you can go over to this platform called which is like a free platform where people are sharing different posts and different funny memes and images and pretty interesting stuff when you create an account for completely free you can set up your profile on the right hand side and step number two is to check out this platform called super meme AI so this AI tool will allow you to create memes from any single image using AI so if you want to click on start for free that's going to open up this page over here where you can just create an account by clicking on the sign up button and once you do you can see that now it's going to be completely free to create these memes with AI so if I click on Meme Maker here on the left hand side I can just drag and drop some image like here I have even some image that I've generated with AI and if you're wondering what they like how is this going to make me money for completely free well just stick with me and I will show you exactly how to actually set this up so that you can get paid again and again for completely free so you see there's this this platform called CPA lead which essentially pays you when someone enters their email address you can sign up for completely free just click on the sign up button over here and once you sign up you can see all of these different offers that you can promote and you can get paid a certain amount of money depending on the offer that you choose some of them will pay you when someone installs an app some of them will pay you when someone completes a survey and some of them will pay you when someone just enters their email address you're just going to find a right offer from the left hand side click on the offer and that's going to open up this page where you can see exactly how much you're going to be paid so in this case I would be pay 38 cents per person that I refer and they don't have to buy anything and so all I got to do is share this affiliate link to earn so this is going to be my affiliate link that I can copy with one press of a button but if CPA lead is not your cup of tea you can also just go to cpag grip. you can sign up for completely free because it works pretty much the same but they kind of have better offers so when you log into your account here on the left hand side you can just go to offer tools and once you're at offer tools click on my offers and that's going to give you all of these different offers to promote now I'm currently in Bali in Indonesia so we'll have to change this to the US and I recommend you do the same regardless of where you're from if you're not in the US just change it to us you can see that for example here we have like a $500 KFC gift card and if someone sign ups to this they can win a gift card for free if they enter their email address I will be paid $2 per person that I refer so I can just copy my affiliate link for this offer there's a bunch of them and these are great because they incentivize people to enter remil address for you for you to actually get paid now you can also just go to image which is a free alternative to this super meme AI because super M AI does have a pricing plan so after some time they're going to ask you to pay for it which you obviously don't really want to do so image flip is completely free and then you basically just create a MIM so you basically just select a template and then you can just start writing something and if you have no idea what to write in Just click on AI and you can generate it with AI as well or just browse imur a little bit and see what kind of post are performing the best so you can see you can go to the most viral post over here or the highest scoring and then it's going to show you exactly which ones got the most views like this one got 900,000 views and you can create these memes pretty easily with image flip for completely free so for example here we have a meme like this is a meme about you this is you over here this is paying 100K for college to learn nothing and be broke or watching D next's free tutorials on how to make money online well if I click on generate now I can download this and if I go to imore and click on new post I can just add a unique title that's going to be something around the meme that I'm sharing and in the description I can just paste a link to one of these offers which I also highly recommend you shorten because sometimes they're really long and confusing so if you go to beatly or any other free link shortening service then you can just make these links short just click on create a new paste that link here and now it's going to look a little bit better so if I copy this link instead it's going to be easier for people to read so I will just create a call to you action and then just paste my link and I would paste that to the community now even though that's a great way to start to make money online that's not how all of these people inside of the online business Club are making money like we recently had a guy share how he's making over $4,000 every single day on YouTube without even showing his face this person did over $1,000 from just one single video is now traveling to Dubai this person is getting hundreds of thousands of followers here we have some making money with fber har made like $500,000 online before turning the age 21 so there's a lot of people that are making money in different ways and they are building actual online businesses that provide value and they sell products that are helping others so if you're inside of the online business Club then I highly recommend you just go to the wins category over here and you can see exactly how some members are making money because they share exactly in details what they did to make money and then in the classroom section we continuously add new step-by-step training programs every single month so if you're trying to start a YouTube channel then I highly recommend opening up the YouTube creator blueprint if you want to start a YouTube automation Channel then we have a full step-by-step training program for that video editing step-by-step tutorials other online businesses are also covered by other mentors and other entrepreneurs they walk you through the process step by step and we're also doing regular weekly live calls where we can get on a live call and ask me questions so make sure to tune in for those as well so you can find them in a calendar section and you also unlock more bonuses by being active in the community that's why everyone is trying to help each other because you can also get get higher on the leaderboard and win even more prices because we have giveaways happening every single month and we give away up to $8,000 a month in cash and other prizes there's also a coupon section where you can save up to $1,000 a month in coupons and worker home jobs that pay up to $2,000 a month for different working from jobs and in the weekly freebies we continue to add different resources templates digital assets digital products that otherwise you would have to spend at least $1,000 a month on but you can get them for free as a part of your online business club membership so if you want to learn more about how I personally make money online and what I would do if I were to just start out and wanted to get to $10,000 a month as fast as possible then make sure to go to onlinebusiness or click the first link in the description box down below and there you can also talk directly to me in live video calls so you can just ask me anything that you want to know about your online business you want to get unstuck you want to solve some problems every single week you can get on a call with me and every Wednesday you can get on a call with some of them the coaches and someone from my team as well so you're never going to be doing your online business alone you can grow a lot faster if you constantly get help again that's going to be online bus or the first link in the description box down below you don't want to miss this by the way this is Samantha she made over 200 Grand in 11 days but that's not the cool part what is actually fascinating is that now thousands of people are copying exactly what she's doing and are making between $11,000 and $50,000 a month and all of these people started with no previous EXP experience and as complete beginners without having any social media followers and without investing any money in Risky schemes so if you want to see exactly what Samantha and all of these people are doing to make money you can go to online buus or click the first link in the description box down below an online business is a community where we give away almost $88,000 a month in cash and enter prises where you can get stepbystep courses on how to build your first $10,000 a month online business learn video editing learn how to grow on YouTube learn YouTube Automation and much more there's over 20 different mentors and coaches to walk you through the entire process step by step and you can also apply for work from home jobs paying up to $2,000 a month and we occasionally have free meetups on yachts and five-star restaurants in Dubai there you can also talk directly to me and hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world so you can get help for your own online business and every week we will also jump on a live call together to answer your questions and help help you get to the next level that's online buus or the first link in the description box down below

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