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    you can earn $7,000 a week with this completely new website using Google search where you can earn up to $5 per person you refer to this website for completely free which is one of the best ways to make money online this website is available worldwide as you can see people from different countries around the world withdrawing money from this website every single minute so like this video and let's start with the first step which is to come over to Google and search for Google Docs in the search bar select the first search result from here and that's going to take you to this page where you just need to click on go to docs then it will take you to this page where you just need to select the blank document option from there and you will land on this Google Docs page which is a free service from Google where you can write about anything now I want you to keep it open like that we will come back to it later now the second step is you want to go over to this affiliate program which as you can see allows you to earn up to $100,000 per month now this website is just like an Amazon for UK and it is slightly different than Amazon it has different products products but it pays a lot more in affiliate commissions than Amazon and you don't have to be in the UK to use it you can use it from literally anywhere in the world and you can make money with this website without actually selling your own products without having your own website and without investing any money and the best thing is that you can earn $5 for every person you refer to this website which is really awesome so these are all the different products that are available on this platform and by the way the name of this website is u.com and this is the homepage of temu now you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this website and you just want to click where it says affiliate and influencer program because that will allow you to earn up to $7,000 per week as you can see these are the earnings that are now in real time being withdrawn by other users thousands of dollars that are being made and transferred to payal by all the different Affiliates that are using this website now there are two options to make money with temo you can either earn commissions and referral bonus is an affiliate or you can get free products and earn commissions as an influence influencer as a temu influencer you will get free products worth $300 for your videos plus commission on the sale of the products and as a TAMU affiliate these are the benefits that you get TAMU has already paid $5 million in commission to its Affiliates and you can also earn up to 20% commission when your referral places an order on temo even your referral also get $100 coupon and 30% discount on different products and the best part is you will get $5 for every new user that joins through your affiliate link so our second step is to come over to u.com and register yourself as an affiliate by pressing this sign up affiliate Now button the sign up process is very simple you just need to enter your email ID or your phone number they will send you a verification link on it and you will be logged into your affiliate account from where you will get your affiliate link which will look something like this now the step number three is to earn $5 per referral you can use this chat GPT formula shared by my friend Dave Nick I will leave a link to this document in the description of this video you you can download it from there you just need to follow the steps from this document so first thing first you need to copy the first step from this chat GPT formula so just select it from here and copy it then just come over to chat GPT and paste that in this box and press enter Then chat GPT will listen to your instructions and it will create a table of content for you and once it does that the next thing you want to do is go back to the document again and copy the Second Step from there so just click on copy and paste it on chat GPT in the box over here and you can just select the topic and then change this here so for example I'm going to go with this topic over here so basically you just need to copy the article from here and then remove this selected topic text and just paste the new topic here now it's going to give you different titles for this particular topic so as you can see here I have the titles now I can go back to the chat GPT document and copy the third step from here and paste it on the chat GPT again and the chat GPT will give you the hook objection handling open Loop introduction to the problem and brief summary now again you go back to the document and you can repeat this for step number four step number five and for step number six and you will have a full article in the written form and I'm going to show you exactly how to actually use this to make money so now the step number four is to copy the entire article written by Chad GPT so you can copy the article from here by just pressing this icon here and then come back to the Google Docs that we left open in the first step and paste the article here then you just need to remove some unnecessary stuff from this chat GPT article such as these hashtags you will have to remove that so take your time and then highlight the title again and make it a little bold you can fully customize the article and make it look attractive to read again I would need to remove these hashtags and then bold the section number one then I would highlight that and then I will remove parts that are unnecessary again so I really want to customize this and make it like a very good article a very good guide and the most important step is between these lines you just want to add the product that you are promoting from u.com so you just create a call to action or use the formulas from that PDF to generate a call to action using chat GPT so your call to action might be something like click here to get the best workout program and then you just need to copy your affiliate link from u.com come back to the Google Docs and highlight the call to action part click on this insert link icon on the top and just paste your affiliate Link in this box click apply and the link will be inserted to your call to action then you can highlight that part and you can make it bold and you can copy that same call to action and paste it between multiple lines in your article so that while someone is reading this article they can actually see it and not miss out on that now you can make this even bigger because this is going to be the title of our entire article also you can give a name to the document if you want to then just click on file hover your mouse on download and you can download this as a PDF document to your device now the step number five is to promote your article and make money with it you just want to go over to slideshare.net this is one of the platforms that you can use to get absolutely free traffic to your PDF guide and this is a platform that's according to similar web is being visited by 78 million people every single month so come over to slideshare.net where as you can see some people are getting thousands of views on their PDFs if not hundreds of thousands so you just want to click where it says sign up and create an account for free once you log into your account this is how dashboard will look like now you want to click on the upload button on top right corner of this website and you want to select the document which is basically the PDF guide that you have downloaded from Google Docs and the reason you want to share it here is because not only can you get free traffic from slideshare.net which has millions of visitors but you can also rank on Google with these articles that you publish here on SlideShare now you want to give title to your PDF on SlideShare which you can simply copy from the Google Docs and paste it here then for the description also you can copy the first paragraph from Google Docs and paste it in the description box next you want to choose the category of your post and for this you can choose health and medicine from here then you can give it some tags related to health and weight loss make sure the Privacy is selected as public and then you can publish the PDF on SlideShare and your PDF will be live on slides share now whenever someone will see your PDF they will read it and while reading it they will find your call to action written in the PDF which they will click on and they will be redirected to temu app and as soon as they download the temu app and register on it you will be credited with $5 bonus into your temu affiliate account and there are millions of people that will watch your PDF and some of them will register on temu app using your link not only that your slides share PDF Mar rank on Google search results and you can attract many potential referrals from there too even if only 1500 people register using your affiliate link you will be earning over $7,000 a week that's it for today like this video and thanks for watching

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