earn money online2024 - $3.00 PER GOOGLE DOCS Downloaded

    in today's video I will show you how to earn $3 for each Google Document download all you're going to need to do is to just upload a Google Document to this website right here and every single time somebody download the document you're going to get paid $3 instantly and as you can see this right here is a payer payment of about $400 that I received recently just by using this Google doc strategy for absolutely free so get your computer or your smartphone ready and let's get started now if we take a look at the website you can see that they have already paid their users over $700,000 and if we go to proof of payment right here you can also see how much money other people are making from the site so this person for example just earned $87 right now this one $1 $7 here and the list goes on they also have different payment methods like payal perfect money payer and so on so now the first thing you want to do before we come back to this this is you want to go to Google Docs just type in search bar Google Docs and click on the first link or just go to docs.google.com and then just click here to open a new blank document and now you can just leave it like this we're going to come back to it later in the video and turn it to a valuable PDF that we will use to start making money so the website we're going to be using to actually make money from those Google Documents is called file upload the website URL is file - upload. org I will leave the link in the description as well and this is the platform I showed you earlier and I also got paid from the myself now basically file upload is going to give you free storage where you can upload your data and files and the way it works is very simple it's similar to Google Drive you can also upload and store your files here for completely free and the way we're going to make money is that we will get paid whenever someone downloads files from our link and the good thing is you can even upload files that are up to 10 GB and this is just for each file as you can see you can even earn $7 if people that download a file using your link are from the US Canada and Australia or the UK if they are from UAE or Saudi Arabia you will earn $3 and also $3 for all other countries which is pretty good that you get paid just for someone to download your files and minimum payout is only $1 which you can make very quickly and you can also choose you want to get paid they have a lot of different payment methods as you can see here so to create your account just scroll to the top of the page and click on sign up and then just fill out your own information here like your username and email once you do that and log in this is how the homepage is going to look like as you can see we have a total space of 117 GB for completely free I only have $2 here for now because I already withdraw my earnings and to to select where you want to get paid you can just go to configuration and you can then select from here your preferred payment method for example if you select Bitcoin you can then just type your Bitcoin wallet address here and click save the settings now to start making money you want to go here where it says upload files it's going to take you to this page and here where you can get paid for uploading your files so let's go back to Google Docs to create the files that we're going to upload here now what your going to need to do here is creating a valuable piece of Google document that people would find very useful and download it from your file upload link so you can get paid for each download over and over again and to do that I want you to go to YouTube and then search for different free courses and different topics for example you can search for affiliate marketing courses Shopify courses is another example or photoshop courses or something like that pretty much any topic you can think of and I want you to gather about five to 10 best free courses and download their thumbnails so for example the best affiliate marketing course I can find here is this video it's 3 hours long and has over 700,000 views it seems really good and to download the thumbnail you can just click on the video and then click on share to copy its URL so let's just copy it and then just search for YouTube thumbnail downloader on Google and click on the first result and here you want to paste the video URL that you copied and click get thumbnail image and then you can just download the image to your computer or your smartphone so I will just download it to my PC now let's do the same process with one more video I'm going to do two courses as an example but in your case make sure you do this to five to 10 courses to use them in your Google Document just go for courses that provide the most value so I think the best Shopify course course I can find here is this video it's very long plus 18 hours Let's just click on it to copy the URL again I will click on share and then copy and let's go back to the website where we can download the thumbnail just paste the URL here and click get thumbnail images and here is the Shopify course thumbnail I will download it to my device again so now we download the thumbnails and like I said you have to do this to about 5 to 10 videos now the next step is you want to go back to your Google Document and you want to list those free courses here so I can type here for example free affiliate marketing course for beginners and you want to then upload the thumbnail of the course just go to insert and then select image and click on upload from computer to upload the thumbnail so just double click it and it's going to show up here let's also make the title stand out just select it and click here to make it bold and and make it a little bit bigger as well and now you want to go down here and type click here to watch for free and then select the text and click on this icon to insert the link of that YouTube video in my case this is the course I'm using so I can just copy its link and then come back to your Google document and paste it here and click apply now whenever someone clicks here it's going to redirect them to the YouTube video next thing you want to do is to keep adding other courses in my case I will add this course next so I will just copy the title and then paste it back here let's also make this title bold and also increase the size a little bit again and now you want to insert the next thumbnail following the same process just go to image and select upload from computer and then select the image from your device once you do that just go again down here and type click here to watch for free select the text and then click here to paste the link of the YouTube video I will just copy the link from the video and let's then paste it here and hit apply so this is how your Google Document going to look like you want to add about five to 10 most valuable and useful courses that people can watch for completely free for this document I will just name it free online business courses and then let's just download it click on file and then download right here and choose PDF document now next thing is you want to go back to your file upload account and you want to upload the PDF document just click here and then select the PDF from your device now you can add the description if you like and then just click Start upload and it will start uploading here's your link right now whenever someone download the document from your link you will get paid for that when people download it they get the free courses and you earn money for their downloads in return now to increase your earnings and get even more downloads to your link you can also start sharing your link on reddit.com you can get so much traffic from Reddit they get millions of visits about 2 billion people visit Reddit every single month as you can see and most of them are from Top tier countries you can join their communities and start different threads and also reply to people that are interested in courses now click here if you also want to get paid for liking YouTube videos

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