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    you won't believe this but this is over $42,000 this month let me actually reload a page so you can see that this is actually real so we did about let it just load over here so we did about $700 today and about $42,000 this month in January 2024 and this is in my opinion currently the best app to make money online especially if you're just a beginner starting out and in this step-by-step tutorial I want to walk you through the entire process and show you exactly what I actually did to make money from this app oh yeah one more thing I'm giving away up to $8,000 a month in cash and other prices inside our community called online business club and only during this week those who enroll in the step-by-step training program where I teach how I actually make $50,000 a month with YouTube automation Tik Tok creativity program and one more passive income business will get instant free lifetime access to online business Club where you can participate in monthly giveaways talk directly to Me Network with entrepreneurs get free courses is worth thousands of dollars get free coaching apply for work from home jobs that pay up to $1,000 a month and so much more so click the first link in the description box down below as soon as possible and not only can you claim a full step-by-step training program at 50% off and get some amazing bonuses worth over $800 but you will also get free access to online business club which usually costs $99 a month or $13,000 a year that's the first link in the description box down below to claim online business club for for free and now let's go back to the tutorial now the system here is pretty simple inside of this community that I've been that I started out using this app we have people that are making thousands of dollars a day for example this girl just shared that she made over $4,000 in three days with one of the sections and one of the features inside of this app this person is doing go $300 a day this person did $1,000 this person is doing about $800 a day and essentially the the system is pretty simple the app in question question is called school and if you install school on your phone you can actually start your own Community like I previously did and you can charge access for this community if we go to the settings section over here you can see that I'm currently charging about $99 a month for this community and there's hundreds of people inside of it because we're providing so much value people want to stay and keep on using this exact same community so if you go to the app store or Google Play Store depending on what kind of device you're using you can go to the search bar over here and you can search for this app called school and if you go to school communities you can actually install this app for completely free and you can start off by building your own Community now bear in mind that it's only going to be free for 14 days and by the way if you don't want to take my word for it Alex Orosi actually partnered up with this exact same app recently and he's going big on it so there's going to be a lot of people that will start using school but before they actually all jump on it you can take take advantage of it before everyone else starts running their own communities and schools and by the way here's Alex rosi teaching on school as well so a lot of people are now using this app to make money online so what I actually did is I made a community where which I charged $99 a month where we teach different online business models and I talk directly to people and they can network with entrepreneurs and I give away stuff where be $10,000 a month I do all sorts of different things in that Community but I also just use my YouTube channels to Drive free traffic to that community and not only did I make money from Paid memberships and people joining the community but I also made money from OD Revenue so for example this channel did about $113,000 in the last 28 days sometimes we do like $600 a day as you can see and the last 365 days from Mod Revenue was over $147,000 in January so far again $111,000 and in 2023 the entire year we did $154,000 from Mod revenue and then all of that views all those views that are coming to this YouTube channel are mostly being sent back to the community where they can join and they can learn different online business models but also I make $99 a month from every single person that joins and you can start your community you can literally do everything inside of this app so you basically click on create a community here and then that's going to take you over to the stri section where you will actually have to enter your your card details so you can start the 14 days free trial so that you can actually begin your own community and once you do that you can just give it a name you can give a group name and then you can start posting content inside of your community and you can start charging it's extremely simple and straightforward you will just have to add valuable content to the community so that people want to join and stay inside so that you can keep on making money from this now even though all of these apps and all of these features that I showed in this video are available and can be used just from your phone only it will be obviously of course easier to start your online business by actually having a laptop or device that you can see everything properly through but of course if you just want to use your phone then you can definitely test it out yourself now I actually combined school with another platform called teachable and there's an app for this as well and that's how I actually collected over $43,000 this month so far because inside of my school Community I'm not only charging for school access but we're also promoting different affiliate links and promoting different offers and products so that people can sign up if they want to and the add Revenue that I actually shared came from the YouTube studio app so by combining this if you keep it very simple and straightforward you can get your first $1,000 extremely fast because again you will have your YouTube channel sending free traffic to your school group where you can literally charge $9 a month or $19 a month it doesn't really matter you can set your own prices and you will have kind of like your own software so you can just keep on adding value to the community you can keep on building that community and you can keep on charging for it for example $19 a month if you can get a, people to sign up through that community that's $119,000 a month from this one single app that you can install on your phone for completely free and start 4 days for a trial now will it be easy absolutely not it takes an insane amount of work and effort to continue adding value to the group to make people actually stick with a group so you would have to be very very engaged but it is one of the best apps currently to make money online because most of the apps out there just pay you to complete surveys and click on ads and watch videos but those don't really pay a lot of money this is how you actually build a real online business by providing value to your community by finding a group of people and by trying to solve a problem for that group of people and then you can charge to help them out so that's how I actually made all this money is because all of these groups that I'm building are actually helping people and I made a very clear value proposition that if someone joins this online business Club Community they can learn how to make money online so people are making thousands of dollars a day and they just pay a membership for like 99 bucks and they learn how to make thousands of dollars a a day they can also apply for work from jobs wor to few thousand a month so just by that it's like very very clear value that if they don't join they're losing so if they say no they would really feel stupid not enrolling in the online business Club there's also giveaways worth up to $8,000 a month and there's weekly freees worth thousands of dollars and all of those things just make it super clear to anyone that when they see the membership they just have to join because otherwise they're missing out and they're losing there's a classroom section where I've shared a bunch of different courses where they can learn different online business models and learn how to make $10,000 a month so I've really packed this community with extreme value and that's why it's easy to charge $99 and that's why so many people are joining because they know that they can get immense value like nowhere else and so what do you need to do is you need to pick your Niche pick the audience that you want to help find a way to provide as much value as possible to that audience and just keep on building and keep on solving problems for those people and they will easily and gladly join the community that you build through this free app now currently school is $99 a month after the 14 days free trial so you can try out for completely free you can start building your community and if you don't start making money just cancel on like day 13 and you will not have to pay a single dollar so you can just keep it up for completely free but if I manage to get hundreds of people signed up for the $99 am month membership you can definitely find a way to build a valuable Community as well that genuinely helps people provides value and it helps to make money or helps them save money or helps them do something that they want it doesn't need to be the online business Related Group you can also build a group for dentist you can build a group for gamers you can build a group for productivity it doesn't really matter either way everything that I mentioned in this video will be linked in the description box down below I really hope you got some value out of this video and if you did make sure to drop a like and I will see you next time

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