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    this is a very lazy way to make $700 a day with Pinterest toili that marketing even if you're a complete beginner but you have to hurry up and do this fast before the trend ends and just before everyone else finds out about this the step number one is to look at Pinterest Trends so you can go to trends. pinterest.com and regardless of what time of the year is there's always going to be some kind of event that's coming up so currently right now we have Valentine's Day and the most trending keywords are all related to Valentine's Day so if we hurry up and we jump on this before everyone else and we can leverage all of these millions of searches that are now coming to Pinterest searching for Valentine ideas and gift ideas and all sorts of different things related to Valentine's then we can really make quite decent amount of money off of this which just got to be fast and currently the best things to actually sell right now related to the Valentine's Day are anything related to gifts candy flowers and evening Out Clothing or just gift cards so what you would have to do again regardless what time of the year it is and regardless of what kind of event is coming up maybe you're watching this and Christmas is coming up or the 4th of July is coming up for now that's going to be Valentine's Day or maybe it's Halloween you just want to take a look and find the most relevant keyword so for example A lot of people are searching for Valentine Day nails so if you can find that kind of an affiliate program that that would work very well so I found a few affiliate programs that work very well on Valentine's Day and those are usually related again to jewelry or gifts or different gift cards for example Blue Nile has a very good fill it program for jewelry and even nails so you can for example apply here and earn 3.5% Commission on every single sale because you know not everyone would actually want to buy a gift for their partner on Amazon I know their Amazon has a great affiliate program but not everyone would actually buy from Amazon so there's these different platforms where you can also sign up as an affiliate we completely free or you can also go to ya zing.com this is like a Marketplace and then you can just join for completely free and immediately get an affiliate link for a bunch of different offers it might work very well for the Valentine's Day or you can also just go to tam.com because this one pays up to £1,000 per month which is about £120,000 per month and it definitely has quite a unique range of products that you can promote as an affiliate or what I would personally do especially with gift cards is I would use a CPA Network so for example I've signed up to this app called tap mob which essentially just provides you with a bunch of CPA offers and so far let's see so far I made about $45,000 with it and essentially these CPA offers and CPA stands for cost per action they pay you when someone just enters their email address and there is a bunch of these gift cards that we can promote so if we search for a gift card on tapm we can find a bunch of them that pay you like $6 or $5 per email collector like you can promote one of these let's say if they want to do a date at dunking donuts I don't know for what reason but you can give them a $100 potential gift card and they can sign up through their link and when they sign up through their link you get paid $5 and they don't even have to buy anything they don't have to sell anything they just have to sign up and you will get paid $5 for that offer they also have like different dating offers here so you can select dating and if someone just needs to find a date on volentine because not everyone has a partner on Valentine's Day well you can just refer them to this link and this will pay you like a dollar if someone sign ups for completely free again and then the more emails that you collect the higher payments you will receive every single payment is like five six or a dollar per email collected and then that just piles up and then you can withdraw that and basically you made money without even selling anything so once you've find unique affiliate programs to promote the very next step is to of course optimize your account and unless you already have a big account on Pinterest with like 10,000 followers or more what I would do is I would specifically make an account only for this occasion and you can make like one account for Valentine's Day One account for Halloween one account for Christmas One account for fourth July and so on because you really want to optimize it with keywords as much as possible because it really does give you some competitive Advantage so for example I can add mean my name I would just add something that people are searching for for a lot of people are searching for Valentines so I would include that in my name then we also have the description which would be optimized and then would add a link and then it will just only post about Valentine's now once you've optimized your account properly instead of linking people directly to this affiliate link which sometimes Pinterest doesn't even like what you can do is you can share your articles like a blog post on medium.com and that way you don't even have to have a website or any writing skills at all for example I have this medium account where I'm getting about 1.7 th000 views per month on these articles that I'm sharing and in those articles of course I have affiliate links so what you can do is this is also going to make it a lot easier for you you basically just click on the right right over here and you can start sharing articles like for example top 10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day top 10 things you can buy for your boyfriend or girlfriend or your partner and then just list them out if you don't want to write them yourself just go to some AI tool like SEO writing you can click on one click blog post and I can enter for example top 10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day and then the AI tool will just generate the title for me then I can just select NLP keywords to fully optimize my article and that way once they start running I will have this entire article written for me that I can publish in medium get traffic from medium get traffic from Google search and also most importantly get traffic from Pinterest I'm going to be sending people from Pinterest to my medium blog Post article and that way again I'm maximizing my results and maximizing the amount of money that I can make so medium articles are kind of like going to be a bridge to help you Max imiz your earnings with the strategy and in case you're using S your writing AI it takes about 2 or 3 minutes to get the entire article generated for you you can track the status here it's like 92% and then once it has been generated you can basically just click on it and as you can see it's like 2,000 words long and it has like key takeaways and tables of content and all sorts of different things and then I can just click on copy and then I can go back to medium I can paste it over here so here's a full article that I have and then if you want to spice it up a little bit you can also insert some copy copyright free images so let's say for example I'm going to search for gifts or Valentine Days and these are like copyright free images that you are actually allowed to use in your articles without even having to credit the author so I can just paste that here and most importantly in these articles you do want to have your affiliate links so whenever there is some gift that has been mentioned you would basically just say click here to buy now and then you would highlight that you would make it bold and you would just insert your affiliate link so that someone can actually go there so your affiliate link goes here so that someone can click and someone can sign up and then you just publish this on medium and to publish this you basically just click on this button over here and then you just want to copy the link once you publish this article so on once it's live you would basically just click on copy link and you would start sharing that on Pinterest and the way you can share this in Pinterest is by creating actual designs promo designs for Pinterest now a lot of people are just using canva and there's a bunch of templates that have already been used so many different times from canva they are great but again everyone One is using them so I found a bunch of other Alternatives where you can actually create like even higher quality designs to stand out one of them is kle and you can just click on new project over here and you can just select one of these designs and you can start from scratch or you can just start from one of the templates that they have on the left side so I'm going to search for Valentine and on the left side we can select one of these and they're pretty easy to customize so whatever you want to type in you can basically just change it here if you want to add something else and here is how it changes instantly and it's pretty cool so you can create like top 10 gift ideas for girls and you can basically just download it like this download as a PNG file and then you can go back to Pinterest and then you can just click on create right over here and then just upload the design and in this case I would just copy the title of the actual medium article that I'm sharing I would add the title here I would maybe Write a brief description or just take whatever I put in the intro of the article based that here just so we can optimize it for search and the link is going to take people to the medium article I'm send sending external traffic to this medium article to show medium that they should rank me higher because I'm getting them more traffic so now I can publish this it's going to go live and again I'm not sending people directly to an affiliate Link in fact I'm actually sending them to a free article that they can read and that would actually help you get a lot better results than again just sending them directly to a referral link and this looks pretty mean like if you see this in Pinterest it's really attention grabbing someone sees this they click on it takes them to an article which they can read we have affiliate links in there so they can click on all of them and they can purchase those products right away and you're getting traffic from Google you're getting traffic from medium and you're getting traffic from Pinterest.com and you're also growing your blog and growing your following on medium so you're building a long-term online business with this I really hope you got some value out of this step-by-step tutorial and if you did make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you next time

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