Make Money Online2024 (Passive Income)- 6 Laziest Ways

    I mean as you can see this is $120 less hour from this one single free app without actually doing anything so in this step-by-step tutorial we will actually go over the top six laziest ways to start to make money online even as a complete beginner and we will begin with the least laziest method and we will slowly go through the laziest method where you literally get paid to do nothing so let us actually begin with an option number one which is to focus on these trends that are happening on this one single platform for example this person made 91 million do in Revenue so far $10 million here $16 million $30 million $7 million $7 million there's definitely quite a lot of potential on this platform and the platform in question is Etsy and people are selling all sorts of different things on Etsy including like printables and different designs which they generate once and then they resell again and again and they make thousands of dollars off of that and I've been using this tool to just research what the top earners are doing what are people who are making millions of dollars doing like this person they're doing about $800,000 a month just from Etsy and it's absolutely insane so what I also notice is that these platforms like Pinterest and Etsy they really have a very similar demographic so very similar people use Etsy and Pinterest so I went through trends. and there I actually found the trends in different countries to see what would actually sell and I didn't only focus on the US but you can of course just focus on the US and English speaking Market if you want to but you can see what's actually trending what are people searching for right now and then you can sell different things related to that on ety so if we go to Valentine's section you can see that about 3,000% monthly change is happening right now there are a lot of people searching for Valentine's related things and like gift ideas and whatnot so you can use different AI tools for free to create these designs like this is one that I've used like k for example you just click on new project and then you can create like different postcards or designs or printables or journals that will be related to that occasion let's say for instance I want to sell poster designs that are related to volun ties or t-shirt designs that people might want to use for Valentine and these are like very very high quality they're not like on Cana but these are like very very nice and very unique designs that you can use and easily customize like I can for example click on this one and then I can just change text pretty easily like let's say I'm dropping a party for Valentine's this is how that would look like and you would be invited for sure so it's like Dave's Valentine's party this is what I would send to you so that you can come over to my party but we can now download this and we can sell this on Etsy again and again for pretty much unlimited amount of times and once you do it you pretty much get paid without actually doing the work from that point the second way that you can actually make money online without actually doing the work yourself is so just join our free community on school which I will link in the description box down below because there just by being inside you can participate in giveaways worth worth up to $1,000 a month so we basically just choose a random member member of the community and we give them away up to $1,000 a month in prizes whether those are cash prizes or other it doesn't really matter where you're coming from all shipping costs are covered by us as well and this is also a community where you can network with entrepreneurs from around the world where I share different insights that share resources and tools and there's also some basic free courses that you can go through if you want to it's a very nice place where you can talk to other people or you can make some friends that are also into building online businesses and making money online and these people are just from all around the world and are all amazing so that's online business friends or just the first link in the description box down below third where a lazy way to make money online is to go to vir and this is like a tool where you can sell different AI generated images they're literally paying you to create AI images and I'm going to show you how to do that for for free and this oneone is paying like $50 per image there's other ones that pay like $100 per image and there's a bunch of them and they essentially just organized these challenges and con this and they give you like details of what kind of images you should generate and then you can just find an AI tool and generate it for example if you go to Leonardo AI this is like a completely free AI tool you can generate those images with just one single prompt you just click on image and then you can select what you want to generate so I've generated like a person with a hoodie working out in a rainy day and this is what I got these are quite a few different images that I can use and I can then submit depending on what challenge it is but you would just enter a prompt and just download the best ones and you can also customize them and just make some Unique Images and then submit them and it's pretty easy because you don't really do the work yourself now let's go to even more lazier way to make money online number four is to go to prompt and sell prompts for chpt and other AI tools so just as I showed you people would make money from these images that they generate with AI but in order to generate those images they need to enter a prompt and the better the prompt the better image or the better result they will get with whatever AI tool that they're using so prompts are very important important but you can now sell them on a platform like prompt based this is like a marketplace where you can sell these prompts that you can write once and you can sell them again and again they they can't sell for a lot of money they sell for like three or four dollar but the point is that you can create them once and just sell them again and again the more that you create the more money you can make but once you create them you can sell them for an unlimited amount of times yelding some passive income number five we are just getting too lazier and lazier ways to make money online and cash stars is this app where you can just get paid to play music get paid to watch YouTube videos something that you're already doing right now browse Google play video games right post so all sorts of lazy things that you can do on here can actually pay you the only problem is that they're not accepting everyone so you would actually have to enter your name email address and then join the priority wait list and then you will receive an email if you got accepted or not and it sometimes takes like two months to receive an email before you can start using this app to make money online but once you do end up in rolling you can actually make quite decent amount of money without spending a dime because it's absolutely free and lastly there's a bunch of these marketplaces and platforms where people are sharing different work from home job listings so you can apply if you go to yd you can actually find a lot of YouTube related jobs even Mr Beast is hiring here and people are paying graphic designers they're finding thumbnail designers video editors YouTube producers creative directors and so on and even script writers and what you can essentially do is you can apply for these jobs that sometimes pay hundreds dollar per hour and then you can find different AI tools that can help you actually complete the job if you go to futur tools. you can find a bunch of different tools they can pretty much do everything for you I found this AI tool which essentially edits short form content for you and it adds captions and animations and all sorts of different things so in the past I would actually have to pay someone to create this but now I can just press one button and have it all generated for me and then I can download it and use it and I can also use this if I wanted to for clients and customers that I can find on different platforms including Fiverr upwork but also YT jobs. go because I haven't seen a lot of people actually come and uses as Freelancers but I do know a lot of people that are hiring on here so there's definitely a lot of different jobs that we can apply for and again while our community is still absolutely free feel free to use the first link in the description box down below to join go through some free courses tools resources talk to other people and network with some entrepreneurs from around the world anyways I really hope you got some value out of this video if you did make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones oh yeah one more thing I'm giving away up to $8,000 a month in cash and other prizes inside our community called online business club and only during this week those who enroll in the step-by-step training program where I teach how I actually make $50,000 a month with YouTube automation Tik Tok creativity program and one more passive income business will get instant free lifetime access to online business Club where you can participate in monthly giveaways talk directly to Me Network with entrepreneurs get free courses worth thousands of dollars get free coaching apply for work from home jobs that pay up to $1,000 a month and so much more so click the first link in the description box down below as soon as possible and not only can you claim a full step-by-step training program at 50% off and get some amazing bonuses worth over $800 but you will also get free access to online business club which usually costs $99 a month or $12,000 a year that's the first link in the description box down below to claim online business Club for free and now let's go back to the tutorial

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