Make Money Online 2024- Earn $31,626/Month

    As you can observe, this month's earnings amount to $31,630, and what's remarkable is that this income was generated without the need to build a website, show one's face, or create any products. This side hustle opportunity is truly exceptional. However, in order to replicate this exact formula, time is of the essence as this period will soon come to an end. Even if you happen to come across this video at a later date, I will also demonstrate how you can apply a similar $30,000 per month system at any time of the year. Regardless, it is crucial that you pay close attention to every second of this video. Now, let's proceed to step number one. The reason I emphasized the need for urgency is because this particular product we are currently examining is only sold during the month of December, specifically during the New Year's period, which spans from December to the 1st of January. After that timeframe, it becomes less viable to sell such a product. Nevertheless, the individual who is already selling this exact same product, as evident, has earned an impressive $31,626 in the last 30 days. Furthermore, their store has generated nearly $2 million in total. To conduct my research on various keywords and shops, I am utilizing an AI tool called aura.a. By simply opening the tool and conducting a search, such as for phone cases, I can determine if the keyword is currently trending and if people are selling products related to it. Additionally, I can gather insights on the sales made, assess the level of competition, and examine the search volume. In this case, there are approximately half a million people searching for this particular product every month. To delve deeper, I can navigate to Etsy and search for the exact same keyword. This allows me to find shops and sellers associated with it. By examining the listings, I can observe that some sellers, like the one with 4,000 reviews, are likely earning substantial profits. However, to ascertain the exact amount they are making, I will investigate further by looking up the owner or shop name. By copying the first part of their name and utilizing the research feature in the tool, I can gain insights into their performance.

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