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    rateglo is the most website help you start make money from short reviews. Sign In and Start Earning by Rating Brands.in three levels, you need to get 70$ from Reviews, and Refer 10 Active users to Get Withdraw withdraw amount: Paypal 80$ usdt 80$ skrill 80$ western union 100$

    Assalam Welcome Everyone Welcome Back to MK Tech Official I hope you all are well and in the best condition of your faith. In today's video I am going to show you a live Vidal proof that this Tallow website. There is a lot of buzz everywhere whether it really gives withdrawal or not and if it gives then to which account of ours does it give? Moving on to the video in which I have started showing you guys the withdrawal from Regalo website, so let's start our video. I have created a shortcut and placed it on my screen. I had taught you how to create its shortcut and keep it on your main screen. Or, I will log in by giving my information. From here we have come to our website. Now you guys see, I have made 160 plus dollars, that means this website is giving dollars, okay, today I will make a short video so that your time is not wasted, okay and in a short time, you guys will get the benefit of this. Get the withdrawal proof and you will know what kind of website it is and how it gives withdrawal. Okay $60 i.e. $80 is their requirement but I have $60. Let's see whether they give us withdrawal or not. Okay I had told you about this earlier also, I had made a proper video on this and had told you how you can create an account on this, how you can earn on this and I have shared that with many big users. Like they say, I had done some research and made a video on it, but now I have done the research again and the result I have reached is the same. I am going to tell you what kind of website this is and how we can earn. Okay, now my total revenue generated here is $160, out of which if you guys see my referral earning, my total is 95 active referrals, okay, I have 150 total referrals, but which means we get dollars. Those are available only through active reference, those are my 95. Now out of 95, do 160. You, that means that I have $65 left, out of those $70, after which they will give us the with draw. Okay and now. Here you guys have seen job level one. Now let me show it to you guys and tell you very important things about it. If we talk about job level two, then what have they done now. For example, I am giving this. So you guys now see their work here you read this We have temporarily suspended level two and level three jobs assessments for 20 days due to suspected dishonored opinion if you believe this is an error you can click on a request nonsense Totally nonsense They said that what have we done to level two and level three of yours? We have suspended them. In the same way what will these people do is that they will also suspend our level one as soon as the dollars get closer to me i.e. as soon as my two- If it becomes three more dollars then these people will suspend this level also, that means that these people do not give earning at all, this is 100% totally fraud website, it will never give you withdrawal, okay now you people must be thinking. That's what I am saying, I am not saying it just like that, if you guys go here for example, I have an account of Skrill, if you try to withdraw then they will say that you have not got $80 yet, which means that you guys You were supposed to make $80 from reviews, they are not yours, now you are short, something or the other is lacking here, yes, there is a shortcoming, but these people do not give withdrawal, two types of fraud are done with you here, which you people do not understand, one. There is investment fraud and there is one without investment fraud. In investment fraud, you people get trapped by paying money, but in this type of websites, you people get trapped by working in this way. I told you about this already. And for that I am ashamed because I did a lot of research on this, watched the videos of big YouTube and then went and made it but now I understood that even big YouTube fakes can tell things, okay but now next. I will always not upload any video until I see the life withdrawal proof so that your time is not wasted and you people do not fall into the trap of these big YouTubers who talk big if you are interested in live earning. If you want to see the proof and want to see different earning methods which are 100% real, then subscribe to this channel so that I will keep bringing 100% real works for you people next time, okay and these types of fake websites will also be exposed in front of you. Keep opening, as soon as any new website starts coming, I will already tell you whether it is real or fake, okay then it is okay, next you guys see it, okay now I will keep telling you guys and secondly I told you guys. It was said that if you people want to learn a skill, want to do some earning course, do not want to run here and there on such websites and want to learn a skill and become independent on their own and really want to do online earning, then For that I had said that you people should mention me in the comment box and subscribe to this channel so that you people come in my counting and in the next channel I will make you people do the complete courses there where at the end. As they say, you have got a degree in your hands.

    حقيقة موقع Rateglo لربح 80 دولار من التقيمات

     الربح من الموقع في ثلاثة مستويات من مراجعة البرندات والمواقع والبانرات، تحتاج إلى 70 دولارالحصول عليهامن المراجعات، وإحالة 10 مستخدمين نشطين للوصول الي مبلغ ال80 دولار للسحب سحب المبلغ:
    باي بال 80 دولار
    دولار أمريكي 80 دولارًا
    سكريل 80 دولار
    ويسترن يونيون 100 دولار

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