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    this store has made over $6.5 million selling jigsaw puzzles and today I'll show you how to start this business with the help of AI you'll learn everything step by step from finding the idea and creating the products all the way to launching your own business and you'll also have exclusive access to my ready to launch puzzles which allow you to start this business right away okay so we have this store right here this store was created in April 2023 which is around 9 months ago and in this short time the store has achieved over 500 sales with an estimated revenue of $111,000 on average it's pulling in around 70 monthly sales which means about $1,500 in passive income sure not every dollar is pure profit but it's still a good amount especially considering the store only has 200 products listed and checking out the chart we can see that the store's growth is incredible so this store is a great example of how this product will be a success for lots of people and it's not the only one this listing alone has made over $40,000 which I'll also reveal later in the video selling jigsaw puzzles is a gold mine of opportunities there are thousands of styles and themes that you can choose from whether it's complex designs simple ones nature themes vintage looks the options are Limitless and you might be thinking that creating these designs requires lots of skills well not these days because now all I need to do is find a winning design make a screenshot of it head to Mid Journey Ai and use the describe command to create similar versions that sometimes look even better than the original of course this is not the only way to create designs as we'll go through different ones later in the video but I know that not everyone will have the budget to use AI tools like mid Journey or chat GPT that's why I've got something special for you I've created 100 ready to launch jigsaw puzzle designs but but this isn't just a random collection I've researched and picked up five winning niches and for each Niche I've created 20 high quality designs so with this pack you'll have a solid foundation and start with 100 products in your store but I'm sorry guys I won't be able to offer this pack to everyone it'll be limited to the first 10 people only so if you're interested check out the link in the description okay so our goal is to sell jigsaw puzzles to achieve that we need to do the following tasks identify popular themes and Trends this means looking at best sellers trending themes and what people buy design creation so after finding winning ideas I'll show you different ways to turn them into top quality designs manufacturing once our designs are ready we need to think about how we'll get these puzzles made and once we have everything ready I will show you how to use Chad GPT like a pro to publish your products finally I'll reveal the $40,000 listing which will help you stand out and potentially make more more money let's get started I always say don't try to reinvent the wheel look at what's already working a great way to spot winning designs is to check out the competitor's products on Etsy and here you need to focus on the best sellers see this puzzle right here it's tagged as a bestseller and this one too and another right here and without a doubt when you see a bestseller tag it's a solid sign that the product is selling very well you can also double check by opening the listing and checking for new reviews we can also see here that over 20 people have this product in their cart which is also a solid sign that people are interested in these designs another way to find winning designs is to find products with a good number of reviews they don't have to be bestsellers but you should see consistent and new reviews coming so if you see a product receiving multiple reviews on the same day you should know it sells like crazy another way I also use is to open a popular stores selling your product scroll down to the review section and sort them by most recent then look at which products are racking up the most reviews this tactic gives you a clear idea of what people are actively purchasing okay so after you get a clear idea of the winning designs it's time to move on to the next step design creation and here you have a few options mid Journey it's a paid tool but has the best quality and features in my opinion Chad GPT it's also a paid tool and can be used as an all-in-one tool and if you want a free option you can use Leonardo AI but to be honest I haven't used it myself yet my favorite tool is mid journey and this is also what I used for the 100 designs I created for you but to spice things up I'll create the same design using the tools we discussed and at the end we'll compare these designs side by side so stick around to see how they turn out I'm going to use this fox design as a reference let's start with mid Journey I'll first set the bot to version 6 which is the latest mid Journey update now to recreate this design I have two options the Imagine prompt or the describe option starting with the Imagine prompt you'll need to write a prompt describing your image this should include the description the style and any additional info and to do that you can always look at the title on Etsy for example we have here the image description which is a fox in a forest we also have the style reference William Morris so I can now use this info to write my prompt fox in a forest in the style of William Morris I will also include the keywords Botanical and 8K digital art and I'll also change the aspect ratio to 7x 5 which will give us a wide looking image instead of a square so by using this prompt you'll get a professional looking image similar to the winning design on Etsy and don't forget that I will also try the same prompt in other tools and compare the results but if you don't want to write the prompt yourself you can do the following instead open the listing and find an image that shows the design in detail just like this one here then make a screenshot by clicking the Windows key shift and S by doing this you've copied the image to your clipboard after that go back to Mid journey and select the describe option then click on control andv to paste the image you should see the image attached here once youve done all the steps finally hit enter as you can see mid Journey has automatically generated four potential prompts that describe the image you can try each one individually by clicking on the prompt number or try them all at once by clicking imagine all choose the one you prefer and like magic you've generated similar designs with only a few clicks as for chat GPT this is how the image came out now the image itself doesn't look bad but I couldn't change the aspect ratio for some reason I've also tried the same prompt in Leonardo Ai and got quite similar results to Mid Journey which was actually surprising so here on the screen you can see all the images generated using different tools I will give chat GPT 4 out of 10 Leonardo AI 7 out of 10 and mid Journey 9 out of 10 and that rating was based on the over overall experience not just the image quality let me know in the comments how you would rate each one okay so after finishing the design I will use an image upscaler to enhance the quality after you've generated the design you can move to the final step manufacturing and Publishing the product I know you've been wondering all the time how we're going to turn the design into an actual puzzle well the answer is by using printify here's how it works first you'll need to sign up for a free printify account after that you will have access to all all the different products and if we search for puzzles we'll find what we're looking for right here but first it's important to connect our Etsy store it's very simple click on my store here on the left and then add a new store printify integrates with different platforms such as Etsy Shopify and even Tik Tok but as for now we need Etsy so click on connect to Etsy after that log into your Etsy store and you'll be ready to go now head back to the products and choose the puzzle you want to sell here you can see the different options you have a puzzle with one ,000 pieces this one up to 500 pieces this one is only up to 30 pieces for kids let's use this one as an example simply click on it and then start designing in this step we upload the enhanced design we've generated and make sure it fits correctly choose the sizes you want to offer you can select one or two or all of them this will be displayed as a drop down menu like this one right here and if you click on preview at the top you'll see what your final product will look like once you're done click on Save product to move on to the last step now on this page you can edit the product information such as the images title description and pricing I'm going to show you how to use Chad GPT to generate High converting titles and descriptions first find a product that is doing well on Etsy and copy the title next go to chat GPT and upload your puzzle image finally ask the bot to generate an Etsy title for your product using the competitor title as a reference using this method you can easily create titles similar to what's already working you can then head back to printify and insert your title here as for the description give chat GPT the product details such as the title size Etc and then ask to write an engaging product description paste your product description here and scroll down to the pricing section I recommend checking the competitors to get an idea of the pricing you can change the retail price which is the amount you'll sell the product for and based on that the profit will be calculated which is how much money you'll make for each sale once you have everything ready click on public and just like that you've listed your puzzle on Etsy and remember you can always go back and edit the product info in your Etsy store you can add tags or add more images so now when you get an order it will be automatically sent to printify here's how it works let's assume someone bought your puzzle for $50 you then go to printify and order the product for $20 printify will print the order and ships it directly to your customer that way you've made a $30 profit without worrying about printing ing shipping or inventory and now as promised let me tell you a way to stand out and that's by selling personalized puzzles which means a puzzle with a custom photo on it such as a dog family member Etc personalized puzzles are selling like crazy on Etsy this listing alone has made over $40,000 in revenue and getting multiple reviews on the same day which is mindblowing but of course if you don't put effort into any business you won't see any results thanks for your support and good luck

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