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    I recently discovered a brand new website that will pay you real money just for playing video games you can earn $1.50 for every single game that you play if you play two video games you will earn about $3 and if you play Four games you will earn a good $6 you can even earn up to $600 and even much more just by playing more and more games now the first thing you need to do is go to this website right here that is called ut.com just type its name on search bar and click the first result here or you can just go to ut.com it's going to take you to this page and this is the website that we're going to be using to make money online as you can see there is three ways to make money from the website you can complete tasks play games and take surveys but our Focus for this video is going to be games and that's where you can make the most money but make sure you watch the video before you go to the website so that you can do this correctly now what you want to do here is creating your free account first just go to sign up and then fill out your own information here like email and password and check this box or you can also sign up with one of these other options once you do that and log in this is how the homepage is going to look like by the way this is also working on both a computer or smartphone as you can see here as of right now I only have about 700 coins but I already got paid from them a few days ago here is a little payment that I received before it's only $3 $.50 but just to show you that they actually pay it also didn't take that much time at all it only took me a few hours in about 2 or 3 days but you can make much more if you are consistent and do exactly what I will teach you in the video and for every game you play or offer that you complete you earn coins that will then be turned to real life money as you can see for each 1,000 coins you earn $1 the great part is that the minimum to withdraw to payal is only $1 which you can easily make but you can also withdraw in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or usdt for example they also pay an Amazon gift cards and Google Play now before I show you the actual steps to start making money let's real quick go over these questions because there is some stuff here that you need to know before you get started with this so the first question says how do I earn money I will show you how to do that in a minute but just make sure you don't use a VPN it's forbidden also double accounts are not allowed here here it says where does the money UT pays its users come from basically UT is a platform designed to connect those who are looking to earn money online with brands that are looking for individuals to complete tasks and stuff like that how much you can earn on average as you can see on average users can earn between $400 to $700 a month by just spending about 2 hours per day which is not bad at all and how long it's going to take to withdraw your money it's instant they are working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week now let's talk about how you can start making money so you want to go here where it says earn and it's going to take us to this page by the way make sure you guys also subscribe to the channel now as you can see we have three ways to make money the first is the games right here and then the offers providers and also surveys but I will not talk about surveys in this video we will just talk about these other two options so let's start with offers providers but I will also show you how to make money by playing games which is very important so make sure you watch till the end in fact the money I made myself is actually by playing video games now and offers providers there is two of them that I recommend you try to make a few dollars easily the first one is bit laabs right here so let's click on that and it's going to also show us here a lot of easy surveys that you can complete very fast this one one for example will earn you 185 coins and it will take 1 minute this one 20 minutes and will earn you 235 coins let's just click on one of them to show you a real life example of how it works now just click on start survey and you can then answer very basic questions so for example this question says what's your birth date and now I can just go ahead and select my birth date from these boxes and once that is done we can just click on continue down here and just just keep answering the simple questions we also have here offers and games but I will let you experiment with that by yourself now the second one I also recommend is a Studios right here let's real quick take a look at that as you can see you will have here different surveys and offers and you can also choose based on what device you are using you can just click on any of them and it's going to show you exactly what you have to do very simple and beginner friendly but let's not waste a lot of time and go to the most important part of the video which is how to make money by playing games so make sure you hit that like and let's get into it as you can see here if you play this game for example you will earn 2,352 coins and it works on iOS this game about 300 coins it's working for Android and so on but these games that appear here are not the best ones what I like to do and recommend you do as well is go right here where it says offers and it's going to show us now all the games on the website if I scroll down a little bit they have hundreds of games that you can choose from and they also get updated every 24 hours now let's say you like one of these games and you want to play it for example this one just click on it and it will show you exactly what you have to do as you can see it says once you open the app you will earn 20 coins and once you reach level five you will earn 63 coins and the list goes on all the way to 1,200 coins just click on start card offer and you can then download the game this game right here will even earn you over 18,000 coins just click on it and again it will show you exactly how much you will earn and everything you can also read more details on the description right here now here's a special trick for you make sure you always go here where it says sort and then choose highest reward this feature will show you the best paid games on the website as you can see but if you are a complete beginner you can just keep it as default because lower paying games are much easier you can also click here to choose games based on the device you are using but I highly recommend using your smartphone for this you can make much more money if you use iOS or Android this website also pays very good compared to a lot of other sites by the way make sure you also don't use any ad blocker when using the site they also have a great feature here on rewards where you can spin the wheel and earn up to $250 which is about 250,000 coin coins you can enter here the promo code The Prodigy which I will also leave in the description and then click spin the wheel to earn free money and if you ever have a question about anything on the website you can just hit the chat icon and start talking to their customer service they are available 24/7 now just remember that the more games you play and more tasks you complete the more money you will make consistency is the key here and if you want to double or even triple your earnings you can also use their affiliate program as you can see you will earn 5% commission from everyone that you invite to the website if someone you invite just made $100 for example you will also make $5 just copy your affiliate link from here and you can then start sharing your link on a YouTube channel for example if you have one or Facebook groups or even forums that are related to make money online so here you guys have it if there is something you don't understand just go ahead and watch the video again and like I said the website is 100% legitimate you can also check their reviews on trust pilot now if you also want to learn a new method to make money online click the video on the screen

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